Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stadium view

In this stitched photo you can see the basic layout of the stadium. We have been able to rip all the rock on the site until reaching the stadium. The large rock in the center is near the 30 yard line extending to the end zone. (Bedrock likely constant all the way to the river.) This rock will have to be blasted to grade.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the students and alumi of WHS will keep the school name, school colors, and mascot the same. We have been the PIONEERS since 69' and need to carry on this great tradition. We need to also keep the same special recogition that was given to those people whom the gym, field house, stadium, and other parts of WATAUGA HIGH SCHOOL were named for. Just because we are building a new school, doesn't mean that these things need to change. PIONEER BLUE AND WHITE is what we are known by, and should stand proud for the future students to come.

Anonymous said...

I hope we will always be blue and white and we will always be the Mighty Mighty Pioneers.

Regarding colors, what is "Pioneer blue"? Is it lighter than Carolina blue? Is it Duke blue? We will have to identify our branding blue to be used on all WHS Blue and White media.

Regarding what/who else is a pioneer beyond the 18th century settler aka Daniel Boone?

What is a pioneer today in 2008? Who are our contemporary Pioneers? There are pioneers in medicine, science, exploration, space, ecology, invention, sports, culture, etc.

What other symbol/image beyond a musket and coonskin hat might also represent the many notions of todays leadership and vision? Just a discussion point.