Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Earth Fun to "Fly To"

Go to Google Earth
and in the "Fly To" section on the main menu, enter
36.21633 N, 81.6508 W
(you can copy/paste)
and then enter or click to begin search
Since you have entered a specific surface coordinate it may take you all the way down to ground level. If you Zoom back out a bit you will gain perspective.

Thanks to Patty B. for sending the coordinates! :-)
If you do not have google earth on your computer, here is the link for free download.
Our students at WHS are using google earth for many diverse projects and applications.
Here is a fun suggestion: Try this.... Open Google on the "directions tab"...enter the above coordinates in the "from" window... enter your home address in the "to" window and map directions and distance to your house.....Enjoy exploring our planet on Google Earth!

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esheltonwilder said...

Try this.... click on the directions tab, enter the coordinates in the from window, enter your address in the to window and map directions and distance to your house.