Tuesday, February 12, 2008

North View of New WHS 2010 site

This aerial view is taken as approaching from the south looking toward the north end of campus. The photo was supplied by Barnhill Vannoy and is an excellent overview of the entire campus construction site. An overlay photo of campus features follows in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelton,
What a great view. Maybe we could overlay it on the google earth view in the file I have already done with the topo map. Let me know if you are interested in trying this. I can put the file in your directory or you could put the image file in mine and I'll do it.


joe said...

hi - great blog - found it via the Watauga Democrat Editors Blog. As a 1998 WHS grad I've been wondering how the construction was going.

I Second Patty's suggestion of trying to get some overlays in Google Earth and Google Maps. Also, consider creating a Google "My Maps", which is a very easy way you can draw and annotate directly on the Google Maps satellite view. For example, here is a Google My Maps I put together in a couple minutes for the state park in Raleigh.

I have a more general question that maybe you or someone here can answer. Even 10 years ago when I was in Boone, 421 in front of New Market Center was too narrow and entirely too crowded and could barely handle the traffic going in and out of Boone. Now moving WHS to the west side of that stretch means there is going to be a LOT more traffic daily going down 421 to get to WHS. Are there plans on widening or otherwise improving traffic flow through that stretch of road, mostly the 1/2 mile between on 421 between the 105 and 194 intersections.

esheltonwilder said...

Thanks Joe,
we are working on some google features, thanks for the suggestion.

You will be glad to hear that NCDOT is in the process of widening the stretch of highway you remember.

Eventually, it is going to be a 7 lane highway. We have been working with NCDOT to coordinate this HUGE project of theirs with this HUGE project of ours.

Hopefully everything will fall in place before or near the opening of the new WHS in the fall of 2010.
thanks, sw

joe said...

7 lanes - wow! that's great news. They are going to have to tear up a lot of land for that! are they going to have to tear down a lot of those businesses (like where the Toyota place is?) to make room?
Just that little stretch, between 194 and 105, is truely an eyesore as it stands now. I've always thought that that stretch of road can give people entering boone via 421 a very bad first impression. Hopefully with some nice wide, new blacktop and some cleaned up business fronts on both sides of the road everything will look a lot better and traffic won't be a problem.

esheltonwilder said...

As I understand it, most of the property acquisition will occur on the south side of the highway. Or on the left as you are approaching Boone.

esheltonwilder said...

Our new Watauga High School will have a dedicated private drive accessible off of the Old 421 also known as Old East King Street. Our entrance will be near the Mountlawn Cemetery at the old Hilltop Drive.