Monday, April 7, 2008

Water Ways Part 2

Storm drains are mostly in the ground now. We have a complex system of water detention channels under most all of our parking area and sports complex.
The drain lines are enormous. Easily 4-5 feet in diameter. We have to control the water on our property in such a way that we do not "shed" any more water after development than the original property did when we bought it.
All this is to protect the neighborhood, the rivers, and the environment in general. In addition to being government regulation, it is just good land stewardship to make sure our changes in the earth do not negatively affect those downstream. We use "drain basins" as well as culverts and pipes to contain the water flow. The catch basins handle overflow from the site and insure no silt or wash runs into the New River or the protected wetlands and creek.
This is our lowest drain basin, we have three other locations farther up the site.

This one is on the south west side below the visitors side of the stadium.
This aerial shot taken after one of the huge rains we had recently clearly demonstrates how we hold overflow even in hard rain falls.

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