Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Block Solid... Building a Brick Wall

A sample wall has been constructed on site. The masonry contractor (Gates Construction) has built this wall to demonstrate the appearance and technique of the block and brick walls.
The type of brick we are using is called "utility brick". It is larger in size than normal home brick. Because of the scale and size of our buildings we are using bricks which are 3 5/8” X 3 5/8” X 11 5/8”. A standard home brick is 3 5/8” X 2 1/4” X 8”.
Our brick color is a warm red oxide with some blocks "flashed" or "glazed" to produce the darker bricks
These side views show features of the construction of the walls. The foooter supports the masonry block. Rebar uprights are within the blocks. Then two inches of insulation and a two inch air trap. Hangers lock the brick face into the masonry block.
Moisture barrier and mortar net are within the wall construction as well as flashing and weep holes to allow ventillation. (Flashing will be trimmed).
Our building will also have Split Concrete Masonry Block in some areas as well as stone surface work. When examples of these elements are available this blog will share those features.

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