Monday, July 28, 2008

Floors and more!

According to the latest CM report (from Construction Manager Mike Kesterson) our project is now at 15% complete!

Now that the roof is on Area 3 we now have floors! In an earlier post you saw images of the corrugated steel floor decking. Easily spotted in the underside of the floors in this photo below.

To the steel decking the next phase of construction added rebar, steel mesh or grate, and the plumbing and electrical runs. Forms were placed on the edge of the floors and concrete was pumped up to the third floor first and then the second.
The floors look great! These areas will be in the classrooms and will be covered with some type of floor covering.
The area in the hall way down the center of the wing has not been poured yet. That will be poured as stained (colored) concrete which will be polished to a final finish.
One other exciting development can be seen as a result of the roof and floors being in place. What would that be and why is it exciting? Answer at the end of this post....

The driveway has reached final grade. The efforts of the Board members Lowell Younce and Deborah Miller and our commissioners who were determined to reach a safe all-season degree of slope have paid off.

We have a good grade making a graceful "S" curve as it leads into the front of our school.

We have progressed from here in February .........

to becoming ready for base gravel in just a few months.

Answer to question above: Electrical conduits and connection boxes are beginning to be put in place! That leads to dreaming of good lighting, enough power, technology, and safety we have never had in our old school!

And that is, well, "ELECTRIFYING".

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