Sunday, November 30, 2008

1950's era Aerial of Perkinsville Valley

New Posting Update:
At the end of this post there is an updated map provided by Joshua Reese with annotations of existing and past features. Thanks Joshua!

Several folks have asked me about this aerial photograph.
click here for original posting showing school site

It was given to me by Joe Edmisten. There is not a date on it but he believes it was taken around 1950. It is an official National Forestry Service photo. If you can see any features that offer clues to the date taken please let me know.

I received it rolled in a cardboard tube. So this is a photo of a photo. I have finally figured out how to show it all at a scale that you should be able to click to enlarge and then move around inside of it.

See what you can figure out. I have have presented oriented with North at the top of your screen. Notice how much is still in forest. Follow old 421, the only way into Boone until the four lane was built to the 194 intersection on the north west quadrant.

At that intersection was the Jones Minute Mart on the out skirts of Boone! The Farthing farm was there (the silo in New Market Shopping Center) and now Hardees sits on that intersection.
This annotated map shows some of the features I have identified. i am curious about many others and have included some questions.

Annotated full photo
In these four following photos, I have taken four quadrants and enlarged them.

North East Quadrant

North West Quadrant
See if you can find anything familiar or recall any details from these days.

When Perkinsville was the outskirts of Boone East and there was no fourlane. Our new school campus was a farm. The Edmisten Farm.

Southwest Quadrant

Thanks to a reader who gave the following information about this photo above. The ASU area is the "State Farm" that provided food for the college. The road is State Farm Drive. I believe the building on the right is the National Guard Armory. The building on the Left side of State Farm Road is Shadowline.

Shelton says, I never knew why State Farm Road was named that, Thanks!

Southeast Quadrant

I am having more difficulty figuring out these two lower quadrants. Is that State Farm Road? Is that the ASU physical facility? Is that Blairmont Development? Look how sparse it is.

If there is anything you recognize or think helps date this map, please share. For example, when did the water treatment plant get built? When did the Farthing Farm house burn?


Anonymous said...

In the SW quad:

The ASU is the State Farm that provided food for the college. The road is State Farm Drive. The building it the Guard Armory I believe. The building on the Left side is Shadowline.

shelton wilder said...

Thanks for your comments. I knew someone would know.
If you recognize anything else please send it to me :-)