Friday, November 7, 2008

Early Morning Light

Some mornings when I am driving in to school I stop by the main entrance and check out the progress of our new school. I love the morning light in this valley. Complemented with the fall color, this is going to be a beautiful campus.
The next photo is taken directly from our driveway. If you go up old 421 in front of the Wilco Hess station headed east you will see our driveway about .5 mile on the right. It is directly across from Mountlawn Memorial Gardens. Pull over to the side and enjoy seeing the campus and our main building. This is the view from the top of our driveway. This photo is a stitched panorama that when you click to enlarge should allow you to look around inside of the school.

The viewer will notice the masonry work on the wing on the right side. I love the colors we have chosen. It is not a bright red brick, but a burn flashed darker brick. The split face CMU is also a warm earth tone. Soon the exterior wall will be up and we will not be able to look inside. Another new feature to note is our roof finish! We debated long about what color the roof should be (Blue, Green, White?). I am really pleased to see how nice the Charcoal Gray looks and how it harmonizes with our masonry.
Behind those columns (which are along the front walkway) you will see an open space with a strong diagonal shadow. That is the inside of our Theater! To the left you can see the two tiered balcony. Our theater house will have a 6% rake and a raised stage will be on the right in this photo. BTW Pioneer Playmakers are at State Competitions this week, "break a leg"!In this photo, the morning light shows our roof design very nicely.
For the Art of the Photograph:
The next photo is shared simply for the beauty of the form and composition of the image. I love the curves and angles, verticals and textures, light and shadow of this photo.

Sometimes it is worth taking a minute to reflect upon the beauty that can be found in the moment. It is at these times I can imagine the future in our new school. I so hope I get to teach in our new WHS.
If you haven't driven by the site recently, go be inspired. :-)

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