Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WHS Tennis ~ Pioneer Blue

In recognition of our WHS Women's Tennis accomplishments I'll post pics tonight of our new Pioneer Blue Tennis Courts.

The courts are in, the fencing pulled, the lighting posted, landscaping beginning, and we are ready to dominate on blue.
As you see we have ample fencing on all court sides and a sloped bank on the east and south side. This is the view from the south end of the courts. Our lighting can be studied here, there are six posts

This is my favorite angle. I suspect many a match will be watched from this grassy knoll to the east of the courts. The view across the parking lot to the school is excellent from this point too.
We have six courts, they are all blue, since as we know, Blue Rules!
And I say that proudly.
Congratulations to our Watauga Women's Tennis who placed first in our conference and yesterday received the #1 seed in the state tournament. Next season on these courts ladies, you will dominate!
Go Pioneers!

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