Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Studio Crafts Shop Taking Shape

The Studio Crafts room is beginning to take shape. There are adequate drop down plugs installed in the ceiling for the various equipment needs.
These are the cabinets that have been installed to accommodate a stainless steel counter top and sinks.
These cabinets and the cabinets in the materials storage room have similar finishes. The firesafe cabinets are for storing flammables.
The kiln room is adjacent to the north wall and the new kiln has arrived.

 This should be a more energy efficient kiln and capable of more consistent production.

The ventilation system has not been installed. 
It will vent the heat and high temperature exhausts through an outside port in the exterior wall.

There is also a gas supply line that will allow for reduction firing and exterior raku work.
The Studio Crafts room is on the ground floor of area 3 in the north classroom wing.

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