Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on the Commons and Ceiling Finishing Work

When I last posted photos of the Commons there was no ceiling installed and the stairway had not been painted. See Here Now

I love the blue stairs and trim railing!
Look at the various colors in this photo. What a nice combination of colors have been chosen. Considerations were made for the ceiling color, columns, walls, and stairs that would use school colors as well as allow harmonious and soothing earth tones.
This view allows you to see the arrangement as an abstract color composition. (BTW, all those boxes are our new theater seats! :-)
Looking North down the Commons the recycle bins have been put along the wall to the left.
I hope you will notice the play of natural light through the clerestory windows. These windows face West and flood the commons area with wonderful sunlight all day.
But, I also hope you notice the ceiling treatment that was selected for the commons. It originally called for a wood ceiling, but a decision was made to install a slat board metal ceiling.
With the recessed spots and pendant globes installed I find this solution to be a very pleasant, affordable, and contemporary looking ceiling treatment for an uncommon Commons!

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