Sunday, May 4, 2008

A+ Apple Tree Observation Station

I am often asked: "Where is the best place to observe the construction site?"
As the building begins to rise from the ground this summer it will be a fascinating project for the citizens of Watauga County to watch. Steel should begin to arrive any day now and over the summer we will begin to see rapid vertical progress.
There are only two locations for observation of the construction of our new high school.
The best site is this BLOGSITE! :-)

The Second location is from HILLTOP DRIVE beneath this Heritage Apple Tree. It is located on the south side of Hilltop Drive and is the perfect location for stopping by to watch the construction project.
On a side note, I have wondered how old this tree is and who planted it and what it must have looked like when the farm and the homes were located around it many years ago. This is one of the ones we chose not to remove. The row of pines beyond have been saved too. I plan to do a series of photos of trees on the site that are heritage trees. If anyone knows any stories associated with the site trees please send them to me!

To answer your questions of "How do we get to the new school site?" I offer this direction. Head east on King Street and soon after the intersection of 194 and 421 (known as the Newmarket Hardees) take a right just before the Wilco/Hess station on the right. Travel east on Old 421 and you will soon spot the construction site on your right (through our main entrance). But this is not accessible to the public and please do not block that entry. It is a good point of view to understand how we will enter our new campus. Continue east on Old 421 about 1/2 mile until you see the intersection of Cecil Miller road on your right. It is directly across from Mountlawn Memorial Gardens entrance. Turn right onto Cecil Miller and follow that to the top where it intersects with Hilltop Drive.

Turn right onto Hilltop drive and you will find an excellent observation location along the side of the street. Traffic is limited there and it is quite easy to pull over to the side and observe the process of construction.
At that point you are just above the softball and baseball fields. The main building will be just to the right of your viewing range. Soon you will see a building arising. Enjoy the pride. The Construction Management Headquarters building is the double wide white manufactured building shown in this photo. This is command central for all that goes on within their construction site. They are some of the nicest people, but please understand this is an active construction site and safety is an absolute on the entire 94 acres under their supervision.


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