Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's Underground?

You may recall the photo of the many huge water retention pipes from this post.... We now have most all of those underground! Especially in the area of the main parking lot. Which should be under an 8 inch gravel base soon, most of the electrical runs and waterways are in already place. Beneath, way beneath, the surface there is a network of waterways. The pipes are connected and in line, the concrete retainments in place, and the gravel base in place. There are a few remaining storm drains that look as if they are sitting up on top of the ground. But, no, they are sitting as they should be. In time, this area will be dirt filled and graded level to the top of the drain, or "manhole" as it is familiarly referred to when seen in the ground or road.
These are cast iron water lines. We will have our connection up and ready with the Town of Boone water system soon.
We already are on our way to being safe. We have our own fire hydrants in place around the campus. I think I recall there are six total to serve different areas and buildings on campus. And that is a good thing!


Richard Tidyman said...

Shelton, I'd love to hear some details about how the facilities design will save energy, as well as capture rain water for recycling.

shelton wilder said...

Ok, that is a great topic for a future post. I'll work on it soon. I will tell you one cool thing that connects to this post, pun intended, in an underground sortaway ;-)
... we will store thousands of gallons of surface water under the football field and in two other locations.
We really are trying to keep our water on our property, which is a challenge since so much of it is graded and paved. But that was one of the requirements to shed no more than before.