Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Started ~ The First Week ~ Finding our Places

How exciting! Student arriving the first day at our new Watauga High School.
August 11, 2010
Fashion and trends come and go over the years. Teens are always in style!
Mrs. Stamey is a smiling welcome to students and parents at the morning arrival.
The shadows of summer past advance across the threshold and into the school year.
The commons is a lively space in the mornings as students gather and socialize awaiting first bell.
Lunches have been well received and the dining area seems to satisfy most student needs.
At the far end of the commons students gather awaiting the lunch bell to ring.
Teachers step up and volunteer to observe the hustle and bustle below. Whit and Susan catch up on morning thoughts from the upper deck.
The first week was mostly rainy. Even in the dark there were moments of light around our campus. I enjoyed seeing this low lying cloud beneath Howards Knob and concealing the morning hustle  and bustle of Boone below.
Finally on Friday the sun came out and our day began a bit brighter.
By the first Friday afternoon, even as the last letters were being posted on the press box, our first pep rally had begun.
and Pacers
Student body president and our mascot MC'd the Pep Rally.
Teachers and staff participated and assisted.
Uplifting to students
exciting to the crowds a pep rally recovers the tradition of ~~~~
Friday Night High School Football!
Let the game begin.
The first game of the new season on a new field in a new stadium at a new school.
That is NEWS!
The crowd was lively and the scoring was plenty. Here is a look north at our concessions stand.
The Pacers performed a creative routine saluting the new school construction process
and kicking off a grand opening night half time.
A record crowd of over 5,000 attended this first home game!
The stands were full on both sides of the field and the Jack Groce Stadium is officially "PIONEER GROUND"!

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