Sunday, August 1, 2010

WHS 2010 Dedication Ceremony

It is difficult to express the excitement stirred by a simple ribbon attached to the entrance of our school. On one side, held at bay, is the labor and effort of hundreds of citizens over many years of hard work. On the other side of the ribbon, a new beginning, our future awaits this ceremony to begin.

Opening comments were delivered by our WCS Superintendent Mary Hemric.

Lowell Younce, WCS Board of Education Chairman and new school advocate delivered a message of history and pride.  Mr. Younce spoke to the journey and vision that has brought us to this point over the many years of effort that we have made for our new school.
Perhaps more than anyone Mr. Younce carries the story of this long journey we have made. It is with much appreciation this writer thanks Mr. Younce for his service and is humbled by his acknowledgement of this blogspot.

Mr. Jim Deal, Chairman of the Watauga County Commissioners was our next speaker. Mr. Deal inspired us with a philosophical delivery of quotes on service and community.
Always a motivator, Mr. Deal has been a guiding force in the process of creating our new school. He holds great insight to the method and time and challenges a community faces when trying to better the future. An inspiring orator, Mr. Deal provided us all with powerful notions of community, service, and perseverance.

Making comments from the perspective of a student, teacher, and commissioner Mr. Billy Ralph Winkler reflected on being a freshman student at the old WHS. In fact the three previous speakers were all students in the first classes at the old WHS.
Governor Perdue takes delight in the humor of Mr. Winkler.
WHS Principal Michael Wyant spoke to the crowds about the Design for Change that has been built into the new school. Notions that were unimaginable prior to today are now expected to become the methods of the future as we move forward into a technologically and globally connected future in education.
Deborah Miller, School Board member, Core Team member, Education planning committee member, cheerleader, list maker, and detail specialist shared her insight and knowledge about the sustainability planning that went into the design of our new school.

Superintendent Hemric then took the stage and delivered comments on his vision for empowered instruction and learning.

Mr. Hemric then recognized officials from the Golden LEAF foundation for their contribution to our technology development.
Welcoming our keynote speaker, Dr. Hemric hands off the podium to our
Honorable Governor Bev Perdue.
Bev Perdue has been a leader in education in the politics of the state throughout all of her political years.
She spoke of the courage and vision necessary to look to the future in our schools and communities.
Simply stated, Bev expressed her belief that our new school is evidence that
Watauga County "Gets it"!
Now begun one of my most inspiring moments in the ceremony. Out going student body president Dylan Russell and current WHS student body president Jesse Nash excited the audience with their youthful charm and leadership. They brought the reason for the gathering into focus for us all with their smiles, spirit, and fresh enthusiasm.
Dylan spoke of our heritage and spirit and his dream of bringing the "spirit rock of old" to the new to keep us connected to our great past. Jesse and Dylan lead us in singing our school alma mater.

Watauga, Watauga,
Through our years we will earn
Our knowledge and abilities
Together we will learn.
Alma Mater of the Mountains
Thanks we sing to you
You have brought us many treasures
Useful learning, friendship true.

The ginormous scissors are handed over to the governor and students.
A proclamation is made.
and the gift to our future
is unwrapped and unveiled for evermore. Thus ends the ceremonial; now a new journey begins.
July 30, 2010

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