Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is the time for a Gathering ~

It was a beautiful day,
a good time was had by all.

This was a gathering of dreamers, supporters, builders, students, parents, teachers, leaders, locals, dignataries, and good friends coming together to celebrate an accomplishment for the county and community.

And the band began to play. Thanks to Watauga Community Band for keeping our spirits high as we socialized and awaited the beginning of the ceremony. I'll share a few photos of friends, educators, and leaders in attendance this fine day.

This photo is a joy to me for it is the first time private cars have been streaming down our driveway and children, parents and guests arrive at our new school. BTW, our driveway and address are now
300 Go Pioneer Drive ~ Boone, NC 28607

In this photo a gathering of the technology movers and shakers for our new school. How nice to catch Lori, Laura, Patty, Lisa, Nancy, and Shannon, all smiles. Lori and Lisa use technology in digital imaging and music education. Laura and Nancy are our IT coordinators and support team. Patty has been a leader in technology in science education. Shannon was an originator and visionary in the design and planning of technology in our new school.

Old friends chatted it up and reflected on the leadership and progress made in our county that brought us to this point. Barbara and Mary, Jerry, Diane, and Susan have all been supportive of our efforts to build this new school.

Local leaders, Winston, Steve, Mary, Lee, and Cullie Tarleton await the opening.

Larry Jones and Winston catch up on the stories of the journey behind and ahead.

Billy Kennedy, US Senatorial candidate, was working the crowd this fine day. Billy and his family have been extremely supportive and active from the very beginning in the "New School Now, Children First" movement.

Tamera Stamey,WHS assistant principal and  leader enjoys a moment of brevity with Dennis Ray.

Returning superintendent Bobbie Short was full of enthusiasm and excitement for this event. She has been a steady on cheerleader for the new school from the conception. Other former superintendents Dick Jones and David Greene were also present at the ceremony.

Current Principal, Michael Wyant stands on the right of Jeff Link, assistant principal.

Previous Principal and educational leader Angela Quick was spotted in the gathering. Angela served on the original Core team and played a huge roll in conceptualizing and planning for the new WHS.

Former principal Gary Childers was in attendance. Gary's service in Watauga county is well respected. His  leadership early on got the ball rolling on this new school. In many ways it was his influence that called public attention to the need for a new school.

And spotted arriving in the crowd was Jack Groce, former assistant principal, athletic director, and leader in the Old WHS.

Cullie Tarleton strikes a forward looking pose!

The crowds swelled to the hundreds
and the Ceremony begins ~

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