Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters?

With homage to JD Salinger; that would be "Steelmen", not carpenters! ;-)

The first sense of scale for the radial roof is now visible. From the Hilltop Drive observation point one can see the gentle arch of the roof beginning to be set in place. This is a smaller section of the radial roof.

This is area 4 and is on the South East corner of the building. It is on level 2 (parking lot, main level) and is the beginning of the roof over the Auxiliary Gym.
Our new school will start out with an Auxiliary Gym. It took nearly 30 years to get a second gym and PE classroom in our old school.
The vertical columns indicate the demarcation point between the main building and main gym which is adjacent to the auxiliary gym.
The opening between the two levels of arched roof beams will be windows. We are "day lighting" in as many locations as possible for energy efficiency and well being. These windows will get a strong early morning light and a continuous daylight throughout the day.
Putting it together, bringing it under roof before winter, beam by beam by curving beam.
He might not be a carpenter, but I see he is using a "hammer"!

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