Sunday, August 10, 2008


In area 3, on level 2 the first of the stud walls have begun to be installed!
The stacks of board are the first external layer that will be put on the studs followed by masonry.
These are steel studs and are built to last! Windows are showing and you will note they are oversized.
One of the healthy building components is plenty of day lighting. Most of our windows face North or South. This utilizes the sun for optimal lighting while insuring there is no harsh east or west glaring light.
Below is the end or west view of area 3. It was the first area that was begun in construction and is now showing features of many aspects of the wings.
The stud wall on level 2 is at the end of the wing. The masonry work on the right is the stair wells. Soon the stairs and steps will be set in place.

The masonry in these and other walls is "three hour fire safe". It is the most solid and durable of masonry walls. The "three hour rating" means that in theory, these walls would take a burning fire at least three hours to penetrate.

They are super dense masonry with each and every cell in every run filled with grout making them truly solid masonry walls.

Safety of our children and community have been a foremost consideration in all of our design for the new WHS.

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