Friday, August 15, 2008

Setting a Column

This column flies in and will settle in the Commons Area. Nearly 40 feet long and several tons, it is lowered in place "blind".

The crane operator can not see where he is setting it. The crane is up on level 2, at the parking lot level. The steel worker is down on level 1 on the blind (hidden) side of the retaining wall.
The steel erector is continuously communicating with a radio to the crane operator.
With just one hand (the other holds the radio) he guides this many ton column into place.
Pulling it over to set on the bolts that were cast into the column footer.
He aligns the pre-drilled holes with the bolts and gives the "all set to go" to the crane operator.
Now it is on the bolts and the nuts are set with a pneumatic drill.
All of the steel in the entire building has been constructed by only 12 men. They put the first beam up and will assemble to the final one. 10 hours a day, five days a week.
Steel workers ~~~~ Men of Steel!

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