Thursday, October 9, 2008

September 29 Aerial views

These are the newest aerial photos of our campus.
Follow the link below to go to an aerial photo by Hugh Morton
of the old "New WHS".
click here to view

These photos below were taken on September 29. (Readers may recall I anticipated the main building would be under roof by the end of September).

The photo above is approaching from the east By zooming in you can clearly see the final design of our main building.
From the opposite direction flying in from the west.
This it nearly directly overhead and clearly shows the variety of roofing elements. You might be able to discern the four different layers on the middle wing, area 2. You can also see some of the masonry work and the open stair well at the end of area 3, which is the short classroom wing on the left.
This view is approaching from the north. Our entrance driveway is at the bottom of the picture and ties into old 421. The baseball field is directly to the left of the driveway and the softball field to the left of that. The pattern or rows of gray and black on the baseball field are the geothermal wells that are being drilled. We are approximately half finished with the well drilling.

Watauga High School SkySite Aerial Photography - Charlie Sarratt

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