Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rooms with a View

Here are two rooms with great views. This first room is on the south side of area 1. The room is on the third floor. It will over look the stadium.

The auxiliary field is just below the edge of the flat graded stadium field at the bottom of this photo and the Greenway trail is beyond and below that field.
The next room which is shown below is on the same floor on the other side of the hall on the north side of that wing. Before you scroll down, try to anticipate the view you have. Above looking south, below turns and looks north. Can you guess?
Lets walk over to the window and take a closer look.
Yep, that is Howard's Knob and Rich Mountain behind that. Can you tell what the building is in the very center of the picture?
How about now?

Yep, that is Hardin Park school and play ground with Boone Methodist Church visible behind the school.

This is the view from a third floor window and the elevation is about 35 feet. It's pretty amazing to look across the valley and see the elementary school that will send us our students in a few years. Children who are sitting in those classrooms today will be sitting in this classroom in just a couple of years.

Most of them will never know the Old "New" High school!

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