Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Old New WHS ~ 1965-2009

Five schools closed their doors and histories that a larger institution might be born. In order to create a large dream, it is necessary to sacrifice smaller ones; such was the case with Watauga High School when five dreams for educating tomorrow’s leaders became one.
We, the students, created the school and gave Watauga High School its meaning; our spirit established its valor.
The past, as always, paved a new road to the future. We can never forget the experiences the past held; they prepared us for our future.
As we cannot forget the past, we cannot reject the future, for it holds life.

So, with the death of five wonderful histories, we gain the birth of a magnificent future.

With the passage of the bond issue on September, 1963, the massive project of building a new consolidated high school was begun. The five existing high schools – Appalachian. Bethel, Blowing Rock, Cove Creek, and Watauga Consolidated- merged into one.

Then overnight the finishing touches were being added to an ultra-modern building and the major portion of it was ready for its occupants.

Time marched onward.

This is in tribute to the past. In this blog I will try to capture the Pioneer Spirit of WHS over the years. Over the next 100 weeks I will explore the heritage that is the Old Watauga High School.

I am sure I will miss something important, not see someone who made a difference, or make mistakes in this story. And I am counting on you, the reader, to send me your suggestions, let me know what I should try to learn, and help me tell our story.

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