Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interior Design Underway

The WHS Core Team, architects, and interior designers met to look more closely at the details this week.

From the beginning we have hoped for an interior design that reflects the natural qualities of the good earth and mountain heritage. Warm colors of nature, sepia, greens, terra cotta, can help connect to the habitat and region.

Our school colors of Dark Blue and Light Blue are used as accents and focal emphasis especially in the gymnasium and public sporting areas.

Frequent readers may recall seeing this post after the first meeting with the interior designers. In that random and wide open sampling we explored this direction with the designers. (follow link below)
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Now we are even more focused and the suggestions that were made in a general way toward developing a color palette then are beginning to be realized in product samples and color boards.
Following are some of the color samples and harmonies under consideration.

This is one of several color combinations being considered in the classrooms.

Because we are using "day lighting" we will have very light coloration on the walls. We want the daylight to reflect as much as possible throughout the rooms. We will likely use three different color harmonies in the three different wings to give students a variation as they move from class to class.
The Media Center and Administration areas will share similar palettes with different accents. Doors, casework, and cabinetry will be red oak in color. These two areas will be carpeted using squares that can be replaced as needed instead of continuous pieces of carpet.
Color decisions have to be made for many different areas, but you can see the similarities in the various areas that help unify the building.
The Commons area will feature some earth tones and our school colors.
We are still learning the features of this great space (Commons). There are a variety of materials and surfaces in this area that will be a focal point for the community and the main concourse for daily activity.

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