Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stadium Field is now Rolled

The main stadium track and field have now been completely prepped. This means the drainage systems are in, it is at grade, and has been rolled. Under this field there are french drains and water retention systems in place. click here to see
Rolled is compressed and flattened. This is so that as it winters over, when it rains water will stand on it rather than soaking in. It will also allow study of the surface for drainage and settling. This is the north west end nearest the school.
This photo shows mid field area. You are on the home side facing the visitor side and hillside behind. The drain is actually between the track and the playing field. You can also see the retaining wall on the home side.
This is the south end, looking toward the second field and the green way trail. The home stands will be on the left side of this photo. This field will be artificial turf. Isn't this a beautiful place for our stadium?

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