Monday, September 15, 2008

WHS Heritage Linking Our Past to Our Future

WHS has a rich community heritage. Since the school year of 1965-1966 we have built a Tradition of Excellence on our campus on Hwy.105. Many Donors, Honorees, Recognitions, Memorials, Gifts, and Art Works identify our heritage at the old school.

Royce and Sterling Carroll Sports Complex ~ Carrol Leather Fieldhouse

In the news recently our Board of Education, with guidance from the 2010 Development committee, has begun to look at our future with a heartfelt goal of maintaining our heritage of the past.

Jack Groce Stadium ~ Dee Triplett Track

In so doing they have made a wise decision to allow our new school to retain the heritage names from our old school. Lentz-Eggers Gymnasiun ~ William Ross Auditorium

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There seems to be three categories in which we recognize individuals with naming rights in our school. We have "Donor" naming for monetary contributions, "Service" naming for distinguished service, and "Memorial" naming in recognition of tragic loss of life.

Bobby Wellborn Baseball Field ~ Drew Newell Outfield
In this post I have tried to identify as many of the named facilities on our old campus as I could. I am sure I have missed something, some memorial, some dedication, some honor recognition.

Milton's Square ~ Milton Hodges

I hope you the reader, will send me any feature I have not included.
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There are numerous Academic and Athletic Trophies and Plaques to archive or exhibit
Plantings and features such as this tree in honor of Bobby Wellborn, a McCauley tree, a 9-11 tree.

In addition to named memorials, there are numerous other heritage features~~~~
There are art works that have become a part of our heritage such as "The Way We Were" mural by Lauren Sumrell in the foyer inspired by the Walt Whitman verse, "Oh Pioneer".
And the stained glass Columbine Tribute at our lobby entrance
It will take our community to help us create our new community on our new campus. This community Heartwork project is in our old Lobby. Through preserving the memories of our past we can find a way to fulfill our hopes and dreams for the future.

Thanks to the readers who pointed me to these additional tributes:

Coming soon!~~~~~~~~~

Watch for a new blog site going public in the very near future that will be dedicated to our Pioneer Heritage; the students, the teachers, and the community that has made the years we have spent at the Old WHS the foundation of our community and the inspiration for our future.

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