Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a Gym!

Oh my! Now that the roof is shaping over our Main Gym it is truly a great space. This view is from the south end looking the north across the court.

From inside this is a huge space. Of course you will not be able to see the open length of the building once the second story walls are up. But in this photo there is a sense of the scale of the length of our main building.
The main beam in the center of the gym roof is amazing. I had seen it laying on the site before erection and could not imagine how they would ever set such a beam in the ceiling. According to Mike Kesterson, it took two cranes to lift it and on the first try the beam lifted the rear end of our 36 ton crane off the ground! Mike said, " I knew it was unique when I saw the steel workers taking photos of it!" And it is. These next three photos show an interesting feature of modern design. If you will notice, you can see through the roof decking in the center of this photo. (note the silhouette of the man)
Here is a close up, you will see one side of the steel roof decking appears opaque or solid, the section beside it light passes through. In fact in the next photo I have zoomed in and you can see a worker working on the deck, screwing the steel sheets in place. This is a unique view that you will not get to see once the roof is completed.
And what is that all about?

This is sound dampening acoustical roof, or ceiling deck. It is actually corrugated steel perforated with pencil sized holes. These holes allow sound to penetrate and gives it somewhere to absorb and flow rather than bounce back around inside of the gym!

It actually traps sound leading to less reverberation and racket within the gymnasium.

But nothing will dampen the sound of our Pioneer volleyball and basketball teams winning and owning this gym!

ps....Of course it will all be covered above with additional roofing elements.

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