Thursday, September 11, 2008

Inching Forward

The WHS Core Team, architects, and interior designers met to look more closely at the details this week.

Architectural illustrations for the gym interior design were shared. Our school colors will dominate in the new gym! (As will WHS!)

This close up detail of the side wall indicates color areas. The large circle would hold a logo, mascot, or slogan.
What do you think should be in the focal circle?

A Pioneer? A "W"? A slogan?

Make a suggestion please.

I would personally like to see us carry over our heritage

by using a slogan something like

"A Tradition of Excellence."

Bleachers, wall pads, acoustic panels, uprights, beams and rafters will all be Watauga Blue!
These are some samples of the types of materials that will be used and some of the colors in consideration.
There are many more steps to come, these are the organized beginnings.

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