Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where we are Today

If this is not inspiring then you are not paying attention. We are now seeing areas 4, 5, and 6 under roof! The magnificent Radial roof is beginning to take form. It is an amazing roof structure that is designed to be a 50 year roof!
This is the best possible view of the main building and the photo was taken from the Hilltop Drive observation point. To help you orient, the end of the building on the front closest to the middle of the picture is the band room. The very center of this photo is the Theater. The columns lead up to the main entrance at the middle of the school. Next is the Main Gym and last and on the far end is the auxiliary gym.
This is an end view looking south. The bus drop off will be about where the trailer is by the porta john. The bus parking lot is just in front of that . You can see the radial of the roof from this angle. Clearly this is not a "barrel"roof. A barrel roof is a full 180 degree arch. As you can see, we are closer to a 30 degree arch. What a beautiful site for our new high school.
And to think, just a few years ago, this was a working farm.
Readers alert, "foreshadowing"~~~~
soon to come a series of "heritage" posts on the "farm"
as remembered by Joe Edmisten.
Readers and attentive citizens will recall the bulk of our site was known as the
Edmisten Property.

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