Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Area 2 Framing In Now

This post and the following post will show the comparison of two different stages of construction in the wings.

This is Area 2. It is the middle academic wing. Area 2 is now being framed in and infrastructure (electrical, water, fire, sprinklers, hvac) installed . Area 2 is less finished and doesn't have windows yet. Hence, no drywall or wall board is in place.
I really like the line and perspective in this photo and the patterns which the play of light and shadow create on the floor.

The two openings in the middle of the photo on the right are locker bays. They will be more evident in the next post from Area 3. But, you can see the openings and get the general idea of how they are framed and set into the hallway walls.
This view is into one of the classrooms. Most all of the rooms have a foyer, or entry way just outside the door into the hallway. Some rooms are offset to the adjacent classroom.
This is a better shot of the foyer space outside the classroom door.
This is the interior of a classroom. This is in Area 2 and you will note there are no windows in place yet. It was very cold that day, but work was progressing and numerous space heaters were warming the workspace. Once the windows are installed drywall and wall board can begin to be put in place.
Area 2 is one step or phase behind Area 3 in completion. Compare the framing photos above to the similar photos in the next post below.

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