Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Aerials of 2008

These are the last aerials of 2008
taken from a flyover on December 13, 2008.
This image above is an approach from the west. The small green patch in the upper left is the Boone Greenway. The ridge in between that and our campus remains forested. It is mostly property owned by ASU. I hope someday there can be a forested trail spur off the Greenway along that ridge. Perhaps even a cross country trail could find a place in there someway.
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This view is flying in from the West.

I was happy to see some relatively close-up photos in this flyover. This is the main building and you can clearly see the three features: classroom wings, commons, and main gym, theatre, and entry lobby.
The areas read clockwise from bottom: Area 1 (at 6:00)
Area 2 (at 8:00) Area 3 (at 9:00) Area 4 (top center 12:00)
Area 5 (middle of building) Area 6 (3:00)
This is a nice zoom in on Area 2 (the middle classroom wing).
You can see our brick and block divisions and inlay accents.

All aerial photos are taken by SKYSITE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY
Skysite Aerial Link


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