Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today from the Driveway

As we come out from under the freeze I stopped by the site to take the most recent photo. One reader had pointed out that the 1-20 photo was an older one. That is true, only the Flag added in was new in that photo. (Which we will have to determine where to place our flag pole soon).

This view above shows the progress from the North end of campus. Most notably, area 4 , the commons, areas 3, and 2 show changes.

You will note that area 3 looks pretty much complete from the exterior. Windows are installed and the roof is completed. This is true for much of are 2 as well.

Looking closely at Area 4 one will notice the walls going up on the north end. While it is still wide open the length of Area 4, as seen just below the roof, this section is beginning to be closed in. I have annotated this photo in the next image so you might be able to orient within the building.

There is an excellent article in the High Country Press this week about the progress of this project. You can read it at this link:
Only 554 days left on the countdown!
Thanks to all who sent artifacts from 1-20-2009. Sorry I could not post them all on this blog. Perhaps they will find a place in your memory box for your children. ;-)

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