Thursday, December 4, 2008

Webcam ~ Rainy Night Capture

A little FUN on a Rainy Night in November with the Webcam.

These are based on "captured" images from our webcam.

You too can check out the view via the live webcam.
(It may not be rainy or night time now, but this is the same view you will see in real time.)
Where are you?
How did you come to be here?
What are you going to learn from this opportunity?

You are viewing the main level, directly across from front entrance, and the orange area is entering wing 2, level 2.

If you enter down this hallway in the center of the photo. Cosmetology studio will be on your left, Special ed area classrooms, some academic classrooms would be on the right.

This area is adjacent to the elevator for our special needs students, our community, and elders, and just off the center of school, beside the special needs rooms, the lobby, student services, and the main entrance.

It's all where it was supposed to be. Now we will have to learn how to get around in our new high school!

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