Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year to all!
May this year encourage you.
Has it been windy enough for you? I was looking at the webcam and it was bouncing around and dancing in the winds like a bobble head.

Here are a few pictures from inside of the school that were made just a few days ago. It was a rainy, cold, blowing rain day that most folks would chose to stay home.
However, I enjoyed seeing the work carry on despite inconvenience.
More than once I stopped to clear my lens.
I found this area and thought it was an interesting feature. Perhaps you might like to guess the location? A clue for frequent readers, it is on the farthest, south facing part of the building......

I also enjoyed contemplating this notion that came up while talking to Mike K. In these conditions our school could be said to be in the
"Frank Lloyd Wright" phase of design.
(BTW, nice reflections)
Wright was noted for bringing elements of nature
from the outside into the inside of the building!
We sure were full of the elements that day, rain, wind, cold. ;-)
By the way, the photos above are the "main commons area".
It is more than the length of a foot ball field.
(FYI, that is one of the main stair wells on the right side of the photo.)
The other architect and designer "Frank" we might mention is Frank Gehry. Sometimes the contrasting angles and shapes and forms remind me of his work.
I will try to get some new photos up soon, once school starts back and things settle down again.
Hope you enjoyed the last look at our school for this year.

In just a few minutes, it will be true that
next year we will move into our new school :-)
Check the time stamp below :-)

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