Sunday, December 7, 2008

November Aerial Photographs

Sky Site Aerials made the fly over on November 23. That was just before Thanksgiving. I have put a photo at the end of this post that references the locations of some of the Edmisten farm features.

In the photo above we are looking at campus from the south end. You can clearly see the two athletic fields, the softball and baseball, parking and main entrance at the top center, 12:00 high. This is a good view of the entire campus.

For a photo of this view from the 1950's Scroll down about four postings.

or simply click here

This view is approaching our campus from the West. The plane was flying from the Boone airport on Bamboo in the direction of Deep Gap. It was a chilly winter over Thanksgiving. The blues and whites of the season cool the photo and the earth below.

OK, below is the same view, zoomed in a bit so you can study details. Notice the three classroom wings. They are oriented East to West. That way the class rooms receive the most beneficial lighting, North/South light.

If you click on the image to enlarge it you will see our masonry work and the finished roofing color on the short wing on the left. The other two wings are in development at a different pace. The building process has been counter clockwise (3,2,1,6,5,4). You can also clearly see the triangular Commons area located behind the radial roof. The wing on the left is Area 3, Area 2 is in the middle, and Area 1 is the right wing. They are all three stories or levels. Areas 4,5,6 are on the front levels two and three.

In the zoom above you can see the kitchen area and the loading docks designed for supply delivery. A truck will be able to circumnavigate around the building and back into the loading dock with all kinds of supplies from food to paper and equipment.
This photo is also revealing for the variety of subsurface materials that are used on our walls and roof. In fact you can view in this photo everything from footers to steel, to block to insulation board to masonry to roof decking, under layers, insulation, surface layer and finish metal. There is a lot to be learned about construction in this photo.

Over Thanksgiving break I posted a series of stories about the Edmisten farm. I have annotated a relationship to the log house, the barn, and Baker Edmonton's brick house.
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