Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Entrance beginning to be revealed

Entry to our new campus will be off old 421 (old East King Street) just across from the Mountlawn Cemetery. Hilltop Drive is now closed. We will have a private drive which will descend across the old Hilltop Drive with a left curve downward onto the main campus.

Pete's Playground and more

On the left of our driveway will be the softball and baseball fields. In the photo below you can see the ball fields, the main parking and the distant edge of the main grade where the stadium begins. The stadium sits below that ledge.

Approaching the Main Building

As we approach our new WHS main building will be on our right and the main parking lot on the left. The stadium will be below the ridge at the end of the main lot. This is an approximate diagram
and is not intended to be actual or to scale.

Main building pad on grade

This is the main building pad which has been graded and is now being monitored for settling, shifting, and compacting .

Spirit Rocks the Stadium

The following photos are the first published of our new stadium. This rock is sitting near the 50 yardline. Wonder if we could use it for the "spirit rock"?

or stand it vertical for a rock climbing problem... ;-)

Home side to visitors side

In this photo you are looking west from the home side of the stadium across the field to the visitors side. Note the "spirit rock" in the centerfield. :-)

Stadium view

In this stitched photo you can see the basic layout of the stadium. We have been able to rip all the rock on the site until reaching the stadium. The large rock in the center is near the 30 yard line extending to the end zone. (Bedrock likely constant all the way to the river.) This rock will have to be blasted to grade.

Stadium South End Zone

The view below is from the end zone on the south end of the stadium looking north across campus. The group of pines in the distance are adjacent to our main entrance.

Soccer Field Begins

For the first time we are now able to see the placement of our Soccer field. The grading has begun in that area this week.