Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on the Commons and Ceiling Finishing Work

When I last posted photos of the Commons there was no ceiling installed and the stairway had not been painted. See Here Now

I love the blue stairs and trim railing!
Look at the various colors in this photo. What a nice combination of colors have been chosen. Considerations were made for the ceiling color, columns, walls, and stairs that would use school colors as well as allow harmonious and soothing earth tones.
This view allows you to see the arrangement as an abstract color composition. (BTW, all those boxes are our new theater seats! :-)
Looking North down the Commons the recycle bins have been put along the wall to the left.
I hope you will notice the play of natural light through the clerestory windows. These windows face West and flood the commons area with wonderful sunlight all day.
But, I also hope you notice the ceiling treatment that was selected for the commons. It originally called for a wood ceiling, but a decision was made to install a slat board metal ceiling.
With the recessed spots and pendant globes installed I find this solution to be a very pleasant, affordable, and contemporary looking ceiling treatment for an uncommon Commons!

Gym Floor being Striped and Painted

On the day I took this photo the gym floor had just begun to be painted.

This is  not the finished polished appearance. Just the beginning striping.

For more images of our Gym Floor click below....
Gym Floor Installed

Theater Acoustical Clouds

The acoustical clouds have been installed in the Theater since the last posting.
See more Theater here

We hope these will help with sound modulation and enhance the performance quality for the house. An acoustics diagnostician will be consulted to fine tune these clouds in the near future.

We are supposed to have an acoustically tuned house that will allow for a spoken voice to be heard from the stage all of the way to the back of the balcony.
Here workers are installing the fascia for the proscenium.

This is a good indication of how high our ceiling is in the auditorium. The lift is about 30 feet off the floor.
It will be interesting to see how the form is resolved on this structure.

The Band Room now has Ceiling Treatment

In an earlier post I shared the acoustical wall treatment for the Band room.
 Link here to go to Band Room

At that time the ceiling acoustical clouds had not been installed.

I find this pattern to be visually dynamic!
This will be a grand instrumental music space for our young musicians.

Choral Arts Room

The Choral Arts room has received acoustical treatments.

I like the forms as they are arranged to disperse and increase uniform sound.
These had to be affixed around and above the hanging light fixtures.

The forms are interesting visually and I hope they provide the quality of sound appear to be able to produce.

The choral room also has wall acoustics.

Studio Crafts Shop Taking Shape

The Studio Crafts room is beginning to take shape. There are adequate drop down plugs installed in the ceiling for the various equipment needs.
These are the cabinets that have been installed to accommodate a stainless steel counter top and sinks.
These cabinets and the cabinets in the materials storage room have similar finishes. The firesafe cabinets are for storing flammables.
The kiln room is adjacent to the north wall and the new kiln has arrived.

 This should be a more energy efficient kiln and capable of more consistent production.

The ventilation system has not been installed. 
It will vent the heat and high temperature exhausts through an outside port in the exterior wall.

There is also a gas supply line that will allow for reduction firing and exterior raku work.
The Studio Crafts room is on the ground floor of area 3 in the north classroom wing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Front Entrance is Looking Sharp

Glass is being installed in the main entrance at the front of the school.
This store front glass features light difusion as well as reflection.
Just through these doors the main office will be on the left side of the entrance.
From this office our school is managed!  ;-) wink!

 Kim and Anne, (our office assistants and receptionists) will have a well lighted and open office space

Pendant lights will hang above the yet to be installed Main Desk.
Soon to come ~~~

What's Happening Outside?

A quick look around the stadium gains a glimpse of our artificial turf and end zone painting. We are the Pioneers, the Mighty Mighty Pioneers!
The visitor bleachers are being installed on the west side of the stadium. They are nice, but wait till you see the home side stands!

They are nice, but wait till you see the home side stands!
Home side WATAUGA!
These are not bleachers, these are FAN STANDS!
Anodized aluminum benches and hand rails were chosen for our stadium.
The home stands are on the east side and are elevated on piers.
What's this Rock?