Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beauty in Form and Function = Better Sound?

What are these forms?

The white rigid surface and curving line create an undulation of form
in contrast to the geometric fibrous texture of these squares.
What is this? Is it Art? Is it decoration? Is it functional?
Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes are the correct answers to all of these questions.
In addition, it contributes to music! How?
These blocks are being installed in the band room. They have two functions; to absorb and to diffuse sound.
Mid and high frequency sounds in a band room need diffusion with their curved convex faces. Low frequency sounds are absorbed to by the texture and density of the gray panels.
There are small wall mounted squares as well as larger flat panels.
These panels are about 2 foot square and 4 inches deep.
There will be acoustical "clouds" hung in the ceiling as well as these wall mounted acoustical features. Art, science, design, and form create better sounding music!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to play in this band room!!!