Monday, March 15, 2010

Step Inside a Model Classroom

There is one classroom that has been set up as a prototype, a model classroom that is staging area for the various components that will accompany each classroom.
Each room has an alcove or foyer outside the door way. The doors are an attractive and warm red oak with a window in each classroom door.
Follow the entrance into this class room to see the student desks we have chosen for the new school.
Along one wall is a white board, there are no chalkboards in the new school. Chalk boards are not healthy in our environmental air because of the particulate distribution (dust ;-).
This classroom has 28 desks arranged as single stations with ample walking space between the rows. Most room are 750 square feet or larger.
Windows and tack boards are features in nearly all rooms.
The new student desks are triangular shaped, three legs, ambidextrous accommodating right handed and left handed students. They are ergonomically designed to fit all body types.
A single desk can be paired with another to create a work station for two students.
Or combined with a third desk for small team work and grouping.
And finally, they fit together to create a single workspace for a small group of four students sitting at a table setting.
Clever and clean design for the modern classroom.
The chairs are a molded resin type plastic .
All of our furniture was chosen to meet many expectations, versatility, comfort, equity, and most important, "green furniture" standards.
This is a view from the back of the classroom to the front.
Classrooms will have two vertical lockable storage cabinets. No technology has been installed, though all rooms are adequately supplied with distribution feeds and remote access points for wireless connectivity.


Anonymous said...

The furniture looks great!

Anonymous said...

Furniture by WJ Office City in Boone...

shelton wilder said...

yes, most of the furniture was contracted to WJ Office Supply. Great to do business locally when possible. Thanks!

Pearl Chow said...

Hi, The furniture looks great. I was wondering, looking back, how did the furniture perform for your school? Would you buy this style furniture (triangular-shaped desk) again? Was there enough desktop (workspace) for the students? How often did the students move their desks to sit collaboratively? With 4 years of experience using this furniture, what advice would your school give to other schools looking to purchase similar furniture? Thanks!