Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Science Education Rooms

We were able to group all of our science rooms along a single corridor. These rooms are adjacent, but different in design and layout.
In some rooms the cabinetry and counters may be designed for a specific purpose.
They may be featured along the perimeter wall with a fume hood as in these two rooms.
Or they may have gas and water laboratory stations at a right angle along the outer walls.
As seen in these two photos. (The impermeable counter tops have a protective covering on them to prevent spills and stains which will be removed.)
These stations include lockable drawers, sinks, water, and gas connections.
Adequate technology and electrical feeds can be seen along the walls.
This room featured glassed cabinets presumably for specimen and model display and storage.
A few of the rooms have a clearly defined book work area separated from the lab area by a low partition.
As shown in these two photos.
Some of the offices and prep areas have begun to be outfitted. These prep areas are at the back of the room and can be secured for storage of supplies and equipment.
Cabinets and shelves are being installed.
This will be a much safer and functional prep area for our science educators.

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