Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Aerials ~ the Last Snow????

These aerials are fun!
Click on them to enlarge
and see wonderful details!
Then back arrow to return to blog.... The photo above is an approach from the East, our main parking lot and tennis courts are at the bottom of the photo.
From the North the approach we will use by vehicles. Our main driveway is at the bottom right in this photo. The proposed Recreation Center will go where the trailers are at the bottom right corner.
This is the opposite view, from the south. A zoom in on this will show the stadium detail.
Again from the South looking North, the lower practice field is seen at the bottom.
This photo shows the classroom wings on the West side of the main building.
This is a great birds eye view of the main building featuring the entrance, and clearly showing the gyms, commons, and classroom wings.
Notice the brick and block design work on the wings and the auxiliary gym.
A close up view of the classroom wings.
Upper left following a diagonal to lower right you will see the south most classroom wing adjacent to the kitchen and cafeteria/commons area, which is just above the auxiliary gym, wrestling room and Main gym at center right.
That little pebble in the bottom right corner is our Spirit Rock!
This view is our main entrance. The vertical columns mark the entrance at the end of the covered walk. The main parking lot is in front of that and the drop off pick up rotation will be counter clockwise in front of the school and around the parking lot to exit. Enlarge this picture and enjoy the details.

All aerial photos are taken by SKYSITE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY
Skysite Aerial Link


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