Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Administration and Office Areas

As you enter the front doors into our main hallway the main desk reception area and the administration offices are on the left. Currently this foyer area in our main entrance is being used for storage.
The reception desk will be the first office area you encounter and our wonderful office assistants will greet you from this room.
Some of the furnishings have been installed and the space is beginning to look functional. The counters and cabinets will be topped and pendant lights will hang where the caution tape has been placed. The main reception desk has not been put in place yet as it fully occupies the space and there is still a lot of work to be done in these areas.
This is the teacher work room and mailbox area.
Copiers and other school supplies and productivity equipment will be located in this area.
Adjacent to and connected to the administrative area is the guidance or Student Services area. There are many rooms in this section and they were being painted the day I visited so I do not have photos to share. But one of the features is a large area that can be divided by this folding wall.
I called it a wall because it is much nicer than a "screen" room divider. These panels separate and are easily moved back against the wall for large group work or pulled out to divide the room for small groups or testing needs.
They will fully lock into place to create a movable wall.
These are teacher offices and there are several clusters of them through out the second and third floors. Each features a red oak door with a window.
They are nearing completion with the flooring and moulding in place. Most of these offices will be two person spaces.

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