Monday, November 23, 2009

Symphony #2010 ~ Movement 2009 in Grays

There is an unplugged symphony to be heard in this post.
A four part movement in Grays.
Simply adjust your vision away from color.
Turn up the volume and hear the quiet harmony of light and shadow.
All of these images can be found in the posts that follow.
We will begin in the band room.
Listen here now...
follow the curving movement into a geometric stanzawitness an Escher interlude
in poly-rhythmic form
sense quiet darkness;
with high light
relax as tetris drops
into negative space
falling up or drifting down
descending powerful counterpoint patterns
Into a balanced present.
I hope you enjoyed this musical moment,
now read on below
for more new school to enjoy
in WHS 2010
disclaimer: these images are all from the new school,
however, a little artistic interpretation has been applied to a few of the images :-)

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Brandy, Class of 92 said...

This is awesome! I am so excited about the new high school and darn proud to be a pioneer! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Looking forward to moving in!