Monday, November 23, 2009

Media Center ~ Some call it the Library

A Media Center by any other name might be called the Library. But on our plans it is called the LRV ~ an acronym for "Listening Reading Viewing" space. Took me a long time to get to that from the old Library ;-)
As you walk into our main entrance, the front door you pass by the theater and foyer first. Then just as you approach the commons you will see a long bank of windows on the right. This is our Media Center South window wall.

From out in the commons looking back as you round that corner the media center is on the left. BTW, the tall monolith is the elevator shaft in the center of our main entrance.
In this photo you have stepped inside the front door of the media center. Looking left toward the north wall and the exit.
This view is just inside the entrance looking right to the south window wall in the first photo.
This is the area that will become the circulation desk. Notice the curved soffitt above the area where the main desk will be.
Step up a little closer to the main desk and you can see the contour. This radial form will be echoed in the curved shape of the main desk!
There are several break out rooms on both sides of the main desk along the back wall.
These will be equipment rooms and storage rooms and conference areas and a professional library space.
There is a dedicated technology space in the library as well.
This is the exit back into the commons area. The view out these windows is quite nice.
As can bee seen in this photo taken across from the exit door. The north stairway begins at this point on the right of the photo. I am looking forward to seeing our new media center fully equipped.

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