Sunday, November 22, 2009

Academic Wings Finish Work Beginning

Step into the academic wings and notice that many finishing details are beginning to take place.

The finish on the class room doors is an cherry oak color, very warm and inviting.

In some of the rooms the vertical cabinets are being installed.

Each room will have two cabinets, double doors, and lockable.
They have a combination of shelves and storage space within.
Drop ceiling tiles have been installed and the pendant light banks are in place.
The finish colors are different in different areas, but they all feature earth tones and warm classroom color. The floors will have a vinyl floor covering which will go down after all other work is completed so they will remain undamaged.
Technology runs are in place in the rooms that will need multiple direct feeds.
Each outlet and port is coded and identified back to the control hubs.
Many of the academic hallways will feature large open windows at the end of the hallway. The open section on the left will be filled with lockers.
The banks of lockers are spread through out the wings, each floor and each wing has multiple lockers, none are out in the public space or commons.
They banks are 24 each with half locker sizes.
Some of the rooms feature as many as three windows.
The drafting room is shaping up with the cabinetry in place.
Even the inside of the cabinets is light and fresh looking.

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