Sunday, November 15, 2009

Morning Has Broken ~ and Updates Too

I have waited over a month for this photo. One of the few reasons I am thankful for the time change!

I waited for a morning when the low light at sunrise would light the building from the east while there was a dark or over cast sky. I have seen this before and hoped to catch it again.

The last time was back in January.
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Photographed from the parking lot, the landscaping adds a nice improvement to the perspective.
There were very specific regulations on what types of trees and shrubbery we could use. Most of the regs came from Town of Boone guidelines. For that, we benefit and so does the future.
Here we are looking from above the tennis courts.
It is almost as if the courts are swimming pools. I spotted them from the tower on top of Flat Top Mountain in Cone Manor this afternoon.
(Nearly 10 miles away!)
The Softball feel has sod down. If you scroll over and click to enlarge you will see the pattern of placement of the sod.
In this photo and the next you will see that the irrigation system for the baseball field is being put underground.
We will use some collected rainwater, gray water, from out cisterns to water our fields. And, remember, under all of the baseball field is our Geo thermal wells (250 wells at 400 feet deep each) that we will circulate back into our building.

The foundation and footers and now the rises for our stadium seating has been completed. The artificial turf is installed and painted. It was nice to see a regulation soccer field painted on the field as well as football striping.

This view straight down the bleacher is the south end of our building, the gym, wrestling room, weight rooms, and PE rooms are all on this end adjacent to the field.
The concession stand and bathrooms are shelled in, under roof, and behind doors now.
The Watauga end zone is sweet!
This view is from above the fields and looking south at the east face of our school. Beautiful to me. Hope you like the photos.

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