Sunday, November 22, 2009

Theater ~ A Peek Inside

We will have a foyer and entrance to the theater. A ticket booth will be on the outside in the lobby area.
This is a view of the balcony from the stage.

There will be two levels in the balcony. In this photo they are installing the tracks for the dividers. Folding doors will slide out and close off the balcony for diverse activities including small seminars, group activities, and testing.
This is the view of the stage from the balcony!
This is the stage from the house level
Looking up from where the previous shot was taken you can see the curved front edge of the balcony.
The projection and control room is at the back of the house. There is additional supply cable pulled to the center of house for remote control.
The ceiling and duct work have been blacked out now.

Concrete poured for the floor has set and now steps lead up the corners of the stage.

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