Sunday, November 22, 2009

Science Rooms ~ Early Stages of Contruction

The science rooms are beginning to take shape. This is one of the last areas we are completing in the phases of construction. All of the water lines, gas lines, and ventilation systems are in place.
Many of the science rooms will have Solar Tubes to provide daylight and natural lighting to these rooms.

In this photo you can see the opening for the skylight entry in the ceiling.
This is just the roof dome for collecting light. To this will be added a tube (hence solartube) from the roof down to the drop ceiling. Within that tube will be mirrors and prisms that will amplify the light and boost the output within the room.
I do not have a picture of the completed installation to share here at home, but I did find this photo from a 2007 site visit to North Guilford high school while it was under construction. We went there to see the solar tubes and how they would function in our new WHS. The amount of light is not altered, it truly glows in the dark with this much amplification. I will try to find the close up I took of the lens at school soon and post that shot here too.
So I found them at school. These are the photos from the Guilford school we visited.
This shot shows the magnifying lens that sits in the ceiling tile grids.
closer up you can see how the daylight hits the curved lens and is amplified
I found them to be very interesting optical effects.

The intensity of this light is not exaggerated, it is as it was photographed.

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