Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cafeteria and Kitchen

The cafeteria serving area and the kitchen area equipment is being installed.
This is a view from the top of the main stairs of the serving area at the end of the commons.

This is from inside the serving area looking out through the windows into the commons. Seating for dining will be in the commons area and extends past the bank on windows on the left side of the commons.
Within the kitchen area are the storage and office and prep areas. Notice the floors have been tiled for sanitary wash down.
There are hood fans and ventilation and lighting units in the cooking area.
New and efficient, clean and massive are these units.
There are two walk in coolers.
In this corner view you can get a good feel for how large they are in comparison to the ladder.
Looking inside you can notice they are all stainless walls and floor.
Ample ventilation is provided to help keep food fresh while circulating air.
The walls are seamed stainless for wash down and for sanitation and durability.
Even the floor is stainless for cleanliness and storage strength.
And a wonderful feature is this loading dock, directly off the back of the kitchen. Large enough for tractor trailers to pull up and unload directly to the level of the back door of the kitchen. Good planning by all the designers pays off on this feature.

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