Thursday, July 29, 2010

How did we get here?

It is so exciting to finally be at the threshold of a new era for Watauga High School.

Has it only been thirty four months?

Here we are at ground breaking, September 19, 2007.  Check this link out... Ground breaking 2007.

Tomorrow, Friday July 30 is the official dedication and grand opening of new school at 300 Go Pioneers Drive in Boone NC. This will mark the first step into turning an incredible building into our school.

Our school has gained the attention of educators, leaders, and school designers from far and wide. Governor Bev Purdue, Cullie Tarleton, Steve Goss, and many dignitaries from across the state will be on hand for the official ceremony. 

As I look at the countdown timer marking the mere hours remaining before opening I recall the whirlwind, shall I say vortex of details, decisions, and challenges that were faced in the construction of this new school.

I am most amazed at the ability for this community to work together to make this new school happen and to support education in our county. Many minds, hearts, and hands have been involved in the creation of this school. Teachers, students, school board members, commissioners, county officials, friends, and families have all played a part in making the dream a reality. Indeed, it takes a village.

It is hard to leave the past behind. But, our future is bright and Watauga will soon become what it has always been. Home to the finest students and teachers and a source for pride in our community providing the conduit to the future of generations to come.

Below I have provided a few links to a few of my favorite posts that I hope give insight to some of the steps along the way.

You may also search by topic or date to go back to the pages that will reveal the process of building a new school.

The first posting January 2008

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From this point forward I will be posting from within the walls of our 1:1 laptop,  LEED certified,  GREEN,  WiFi world of our new Watauga High School. I will continue to update and share a glimpse of the many wonderful discoveries that unfold within our school. Back at you soon! :-)