Sunday, March 22, 2009

Electrical Infrastructure

This photo is from within the main electrical supply point for the entire school! It looks all neat and contained and ready to flow in this photo below. Actually the grace of line and form in this photo are picture perfect!

However, in the next few photos, you will see what a major job the electrical crew has to complete! This is how you earn the title, "Master Electrician"!

If you have ever tried to figure out electrical pulls this photo will make you pull your hair out!
Imagine that every single light switch, every outlet or plug, each sensor, fan, and all electrical connections in our entire school some how flow to this point.

And then try to imagine sorting them all out and stripping all this wire to eventually connect to the breakers that will feed to the sub breaker rooms on each floor.
From where ever you look at it the fishing line entanglement will boggle your mind....
Eventually all this spaghetti will be sorted and connected in these boxes.
This area is the main electrical room and will be the operational command center for the entire campus. (And it does not include the technology pulls, they enter the building directly elsewhere!)
I'll try to get a photo when all the lines are shoved back and installed in these little boxes (though they are quite large, about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide). For now I'll leave that mind boggle to the professionals!

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